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The relevance of Ayurveda is becoming more established among even the non-Indian population across the globe. Its acceptance and recognition as a lifestyle practice and treatment path is on the rise in communities in the Arab world and MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region. Combined with the paradigm shift onto natural healing and organic well-being to improve the quality of life, Ayurveda offers more hope than any other branch of medicine for the treatment and management of acute and chronic afflictions due to lifestyle changes. EAGA is introducing MAICE (Middle East and MENA Ayurveda International Conference and Expo) as an annual confex to showcase genuine Ayurvedic treatment facilities and services available across India, especially in Kerala, the stronghold of authentic Ayurveda. Through MAICE, we envision to take on the task upon ourselves to promote Ayurveda through this event by bringing all stakeholders – businesses and public - from India and Middle East as well as MENA region together on a common platform for exchanging information and establishing mutual associations. We have scheduled an exhibition, conference, medical camp, press conference, public function, business meet, competition for school children, a show directory etc. during the course of the two-day event.

Goals of MAICE

  • Create awareness at governmental, institutional and public level about the services, facilities and expertise available in India to treat ailments through the indigenous medical system
  • Popularize Indian traditional medicine and practices among the local and international public
  • To showcase the technology available in in Ayurveda sector in India
  • To explore prospects for Indian Ayurvedic educational institutions in UAE community
  • To educate the public on achieving wellness through nature friendly indigenous treatment system
  • To create a platform for interaction between local and overseas businesses engaged in the indigenous healthcare system
  • To interact for mutual benefit of the local treatment centres, India- based treatment centers and patients
  • To promote investment in the sector To promote medical tourism
  • To honour the achievers in the sector

Mission of MAICE

  • To provide an annual platform in UAE for exhibition of services of authentic ayurvedic treatment centres and education institutions from India for an audience covering the entire Middle East and N.Africa.
  • To organize an annual conference on Ayurveda as a medical practice and provide a forum for the experts in the field to interact for exchange of ideas and information.
  • To promote Ayurveda as a wholesome approach to well-being in the Middle East and N.African populace in general and the UAE in particular.

Vision of MAICE

The popularity and acceptance of contemporary Indian Ayurveda as the most suitable healing, wellness and lifestyle practice.